To promote energy-efficient buildings and investments in energy savings through information provided to buyers and users about energy characteristics, as an energy performance certificate which to assess and compare their performance.

- New buildings.
- Buildings or parts of buildings which are sold or leased to a new tenant, if not accompanied by a valid certificate.
- Buildings or parts of buildings where a public authority occupies a total useful floor area over 250 m and are frequently visited.

The owner will be the responsible for ordering the execution, the registration and will keep up the energy certificate.

- Identifying the building or part of, that is certified, including land register.
- Indication of the recognized procedure used to obtain the energy rating.
- Indication of regulations on energy saving and efficiency of implementation at the time of its construction.
- Description of the energy characteristics of the building: thermal envelope, facilities, normal operating conditions and occupation and other data used to get the energy efficiency rating of the building.
- Energy efficiency rating of the building expressed by ENERGY LABEL.
- Document recommendations for improvement.
- Description of tests and verifications carried out, where appropriate, by the technician during the energy rating.
- Compliance with environmental requirements for thermal installations.

It includes a list of measures, classified according to their technical, functional and economic as well as their impact energy, enabling, in the event that ownership of the building decides to voluntarily undertake such measures to improve the energy rating.

Each Autonomous Community authorize a register of certificates, to perform the inspection work and technical and administrative control. Also available to the public records of competent technicians regularly updated or companies that have the services of such experts and will provide access to information about the certificates to citizens.

The energy performance certificate will be valid for TEN YEARS.